Seven simple steps on how to install a towel rail

Seven simple steps on how to install a towel rail. Ensuring your towel rail is securely fitted in a convenient location adds to the ideal bathroom experience.

1. Choose a suitable location for the towel rail. It is essential you choose a wall space which is suitable for supporting the weight of the rail and wet towels as well as being conveniently situated. (Remember do not secure your rail near power sockets or light switches.)

2. Now you have chosen the location, consider the height of your rail. You want the rail to be high enough to ensure towels are not touching the floor. You also want to make sure it is situated for easy access to those who are using it the most. We recommend a height of around 115cm to 130cm off the ground.

3. Once you have decided the location and height, use a spirit level and a pencil to mark the wall with a straight line.

4. Line your towel rail up with your line. Once you are sure it is level (use a spirit level to check if needed), mark the location of the holes to drill with your pencil.

5. Next drill the holes into the wall.

6. If your wall substrate requires it, insert wall plugs into the holes (use a hammer if necessary).

7. Line your towel rail up with the screw holes and screw the screws into place using a screwdriver. You should now have a securely installed towel rail.


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