About Us

Middle Farm Crafts is an independent, British business which specialises in designing and making handmade items. We supply a range of high-quality, unique decor pieces which will add character to your home or business.

Middle Farm Crafts was established in 2015 by Jesse who is a welder and fabricator by trade. After a love of ironmongery led Jesse to make a number of metal items for his own home, he decided to see if they would sell online. After early success with his small online store, Jesse decided to see if the shop would grow into a viable business. Upon expanding his repertoire of products, Jesse watched his shop grow into the thriving business it is today.  

We specialise in making one-of-a-kind metal items that every home should have. We have a variety of bathroom ranges, which consist of matching bathroom accessory sets. We make hand-crafted hand and foot rails to our customers desired length. We have a range of hardware on offer to spruce up tired looking furniture. Our full catalogue of items has much to offer for every room in your home from kitchen to home bar.   

What we pride ourselves on:
. Creating our own unique designs
. Making handmade items with care
. Producing high-quality products for home and business spaces
. Valuing functionality as well as striking aesthetics

Watch now how we make one of our best selling Wrought iron handrails. Handcrafted with skill and care.