Why choose Middle farm crafts ?

What we pride ourselves on:
. Creating our own unique designs
. Making handmade items with care
. Producing high-quality products for home and business spaces
. Valuing functionality as well as striking aesthetics

Unique designs:
Our aim is to offer something different to the generic decor items cluttering the market. Our design team are passionate about designing unique products, which will make a statement in your chosen space. Most of our designs are inspired by the industrial design movement, which is both modern and timeless. We love that our products look at home anywhere from in an old barn conversion to a sleek contemporary home. The primary material in our designs is metal. Why? It is solid, bold and demands attention.
We design both one-of-a-kind individual items and whole ranges consisting of a number of matching products, which complement each other perfectly. We design products that are suited to an array of spaces: bathrooms, kitchens, staircases, bars, hair salons to name a few.
With our propensity to create, we are constantly thinking of new and exciting designs to add to our growing collection.

Handmade and proud:
All of our products are handmade in the United Kingdom by our skilled production team. Each product is made with individual care and attention. When you buy a handmade, you are paying for authenticity and an item that is uniquely its own. We believe that by making our own products, our customers can be assured the items they receive are made to the highest standard.
Due to the fact each product is individually crafted, we are able to make bespoke items. We feel it is important that customer’s choices are not restricted due to standard sizes; we can make many of our items to your custom dimensions for an affordable price. We ardently believe there are so many reasons to buy handmade: handmade is thoughtful, unique, sustainable, customizable, high-quality and supportive.

High-quality products:
Our customers will only receive items we are proud of. Each product is made to ensure it meets our high standards. We only select the best materials, from trusted suppliers, to be used in the making of all our products. We work with materials which are strong, durable and long-lasting. Our products are made to last so they can adorn your space for years to come.

Functionality as well as visual appeal
Not only are our products designed to be an eye-catching feature in a room, the product’s functionality is also a key element in our design. Our products are made to ensure they effectively serve their practical purpose.